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Why buy school uniform?


At Adamsdown Primary we actively encourage children to wear school uniform.  School uniform has many benefits to you as parents and to the children:


  • It is good value and all items are hard wearing which means they last a long time.
  • It never goes out of fashion, meaning you're less likely to disagree with your child about what they will wear to school.
  • When the children are out on trips in busy places they can be easily spotted by their teacher.
  • It helps your children to be proud of their school. 



Book Bags - £4.50

These durable book bags are really useful for carrying and protecting not only reading books but also homework, letters and even some PE kit.




Fleece - £11

This hard wearing fleece is lovely and warm and can be worn instead of a coat when the weather is not too cold.



We also sell:


Reversible Waterproofs                                        £13.00

Sweatshirts                                                        £7.00

Polo Shirt                                                           £6.00

Hooded Sweatshirts                                            £12.00


We also sell a range of good quality second hand clothes. Items are 50p each or £2 for a full set of uniform.