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Updates 15th April 2020

Dear parent / guardian,


I hope you are safe and well. Don't forget we are still in a lockdown and need to stay at home to keep all our families safe. I know many of you will have worries and concerns about your child not being in school and I wanted to reassure you about a few things.


Home learning:

While you child is at home it will not be possible to re-create a school environment. Your child needs to feel safe and secure at home during this period. if they can do some of the work we are setting that is great however if you cannot get online or do not have resources to help with learning do not panic. We will be here when we re-open to ensure your child's learning gets back on track.


Stay at home:

I must ask that you try your best to keep you child safe at home. They may have worries and ask questions. if you are not sure how to answer then ask your child's class teacher when they ring to do a contact phone call. I understand it is difficult to keep children at home during the sunny weather but we all have an important part to play in stopping the spread of covid-19.


if you have any questions or need help and support please email:


Keep safe and best wishes


Mrs Thomas