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New year newsletter for parents

Dear Families of Adamsdown Primary,

Happy new year to you all. I hope you have had a relaxing Christmas break with family and friends. We are thrilled to welcome all our children back to school today Thursday 6th January.

Covid – 19

We have used the last two days to plan for a safe return following the latest guidelines as set out by Welsh Government since the appearance of the omicron variant in Cardiff and other areas in Wales.

As you are aware we maintained high levels of covid safety actions during the autumn term and so we have had to make only slight adaptions to our practice in school. To re-assure you these  ongoing actions include:

  • No mixing of class bubbles
  • enhanced cleaning
  • the use of Co2 monitors
  • ventilation
  • staff wearing masks in and around the school and also completing lateral flow tests three times a week
  • Breakfast and lunch provision available for all children in classrooms

To help us maintain the safety of our school community I would strongly advise that all parents and carers dropping and picking up children from school, wear a face covering and maintain a social distance of 2 meters or more from other adults.

Self isolation advice:

The biggest change for most of our families will be the change to self-isolation advice:

  • If your child becomes a close contact of a confirmed case either in school or at home, the school will provide you with 7 LDF tests. You will be informed of this by school.
  • Welsh government strongly advise that for 7 days children ages 5-17 and adults that are fully vaccinated carry out a test each day.
  • If they test negative, they can continue to attend school.
  • It is only if their LFD test is positive would they need to self-isolate and book a PCR test. I
  • If there are any positive cases in school, all parents will be notified via parent pay emails however we are not allowed to identify who the positive case is.

Local updates:

You will have seen the start of a construction project on the empty land adjacent to the school. This work is due to take 60 weeks and will mean some disruption to the pathways around the site. Please be careful as you walk from Sun Street to Metal Street. Fencing is in place in school to ensure the site is safe at all times. Unfortunately, there will be some noise from the site but we are hoping this will not disrupt the upper school classrooms too much. We will be speaking to all classes about the importance of site safety.

The term ahead…

We continue to provide exciting enrichment opportunities for all children through regular visits from Cardiff City Football Club, Rubicon Dance lessons, Upbeat music lessons and No Fit State Circus. We have exciting new projects starting with Bombastic Digital Media and the Oasis Centre. Despite the challenges of providing a full curriculum during a pandemic we have seen all children enjoy these opportunities and thrive during the lessons.

As we move through more uncertain times I wish to reassure all parents and carers that we are an open-door school and value strong relationships with our families. Our staff are available to speak to you at the end of the school day or by telephone. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact school.

With kind regards

Mrs E Thomas NPQH – Head Teacher