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Exciting new circus project for Years 5 and 6

Circus to the Schoolyard: NoFit State and Adamsdown Primary celebrate Cardiff’s refugee community

The circus is coming to town, but not as you know it. Swapping the Big Top for the classroom, the UK’s largest contemporary circus are embarking on a 6-month creative residency within Adamsdown Primary School in the heart of Cardiff.


This Arts Council of Wales funded project marks the first sustained creative collaboration between NoFit State and a local school, the residency will consist of creative workshops with the school’s pupils covering the breadth of circus, storytelling and artistic performance. The residency will culminate in a participatory community day-festival, with creative performances, visual exhibitions and food, right on the school’s grounds to celebrate Cardiff’s refugee and asylum seekers population.


“Adamsdown Primary School are very proud of the links we have with NoFit State Circus. The Circus to Schoolyard project will provide our pupils with opportunities to learn new skills in a fun and inspiring way. 


The circus sessions are always entertaining and allow the children and families to connect with our local community leading to them feeling safe and included, a vital part of our 'School of sanctuary' status. We are excited by this opportunity and look forward to inspiring children through creative circus skills.”


Emma Thomas, Head Teacher at Adamsdown Primary School



Crucial to the project’s design is not just a reflection, but a celebration of the diverse nature of Adamsdown Primary and its cohort. The school teaches pupils from over 50 different countries, 84% of which speak English as an additional language, and many come from families that have undergone displacement through seeking asylum.


Community Matters


As an act of solidarity with the community’s thriving and diverse population, the festival will coincide with Refugee Week (17 to 23 June 2020). Celebrating the growing community of refugees and their contribution to British life, the residency aims to use creative expression and performance to communicate shared values and increase understanding.


“I am really excited about this creative residency with our local Adamsdown Primary School. NoFit State’s community programme is committed to supporting creative learning and encouraging participation in the circus arts irrespective of background and experience. With Adamsdown as the home of NoFit State, it is particularly exciting to have this opportunity to work with our local community at Adamsdown Primary School, and to have the support of the local Welsh Refugee Council.