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School Meals


Cardiff Council catering are pleased to introduce their new menus.

The cost of a meal is now £2.30 per day or £11.50 for the week.  The menu operates on a three week cycle to ensure that children receive a varied diet, and there is a vegetarian choice available each day.

Please remember dinner money should always be paid in advance and sent in to school on a Monday morning.  Please ensure the correct money is enclosed in an envelope and marked with your child’s name and class.


Packed Lunch


We are a healthy school and therefore encourage a healthy lunch box.

This could include:

  • A healthy sandwich, wrap or pitta bread
  • Vegetables such as cucumber or carrots
  • Humous or a dip, cheese cubes, etc
  • Fruit for dessert such as apple, orange, grapes, banana, or a plain biscuit
  • Water or squash to drink


We discourage salty or sugary food and fizzy, sugary drinks, both of which are unhealthy for children.