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Key Stage 2 Information

Learning in Key Stage 2


The curriculum in Key Stage 2 is designed around subjects and skills.  It is designed to provide a firm foundation in language, mathematics and science, giving children the opportunity to achieve their best within a broad and balanced curriculum.

Providing good literacy and numeracy skills is at the core of learning for children in primary schools.  We want all children to be able to read, write and use numbers to support their future choices in learning and life.


The Key Stage 2 curriculum is made up of 13 curriculum areas:


English, Maths, Science, ICT, Geography, History, Welsh, Physical Education, Music, Religious Education, Art and Design, Design Technology, Personal and Social Education.


Pupils are taught skills and knowledge as set out in the National Curriculum, using a range of learning and teaching methods. Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Thinking Skills underpin all our work in Adamsdown Primary.