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Additional Learning Needs


Some children have additional learning needs that can affect their progress in school.  Through careful observation and assessment we can identify the difficulties and offer individual support.  In some cases we need to refer children to the Educational Psychologist or other agencies who will at some stage visit the school to see a child, evaluate their progress and offer the school support to help overcome their difficulties.

Parents and carers will be kept informed by the pupil's class teacher, Acting Headteacher Mrs Thomas and the acting ALNCO (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator), Miss  Williams who may invite you into school to discuss the situation.  We have a firm commitment to inclusive education and do everything we can to meet every child’s individual needs.

Individual Education Plans are devised for all pupils with special educational needs and pupils & parents are actively involved in the setting of targets for these plans.  They are also kept informed of the outcomes of the plans which are reviewed and updated on a termly basis.

On occasions, after careful observation and testing, the Specialist Teacher or Educational Psychologist might recommend that a child has particular needs over and above that which the school can provide.  This simply means that the child could then be granted additional help either within their class at school, or in a special school or resource base, depending upon the child’s needs.  Where needs are felt to be extreme, a statement of Special Educational Needs may be drawn up by the LEA.  Parents’ wishes at all time will be given strong consideration. There is an Additional Learning Needs Policy in school for your information which follows Welsh Assembly Government guidance.